New way to organize your project.

Bildly brings together a selection of tools that simplify your project management, saving your most valuable asset – time.

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Unlimited data capacity

All your project-related files are securely stored in one place, accessible only to desired parties, and can be opened directly on the platform.

Digital signing

Mass signing of files and file collections in sequence. Monitoring the signing chain and receiving relevant notifications.

iOS & Android apps

Bildly mobile app enables direct communication between the site and office teams, eliminating information gaps.

Channels are the heart of the project.

Bildly divides your construction project into channels, bringing together the right people with the right information. Share ideas, decisions, and work plans to move towards a common goal.

Bildly HUB

Experience innovative sharing of notifications, thoughts, and ideas using Bildly HUUB, with a real-time news feed keeping everyone constantly updated on project progress. Share quick posts, photos, and videos to foster team collaboration.

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Document Management

Upload an unlimited number of necessary documents to the project file manager, open them directly in your browser, send them to a signing circle, or create new completed documentation documents.

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Calendar view

With the calendar view, you can easily overview all channel work projects and set stages. To reduce surprises, set reminders for each task, for example, x days before the start or end of the task.

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Bildly HUB app

The Bildly HUB app is an efficient “pocket tool” that easily connects with the entire site environment, allowing you to quickly enter real-time quick posts with photos and videos, regardless of location.

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Frequently asked questions

You can have as many channels as you need for efficient organization and management of your project.

You can easily invite new channel participants by email. By entering their email address, Bildly will automatically send a notification with a platform invitation.

Yes, inviting new parties is very easy – you just need to enter their email.

Each channel has a news feed that consolidates all updates and project news in one place.