Frequently asked questions

Bildly HUB

Bildly HUUB is a real-time feed that collects all team members’ posts, comments, and reactions into a single timeline, ensuring smooth information exchange and a quick overview of the project.

Download the Bildly HUUB mobile app on your smartphone and log in with your Bildly account. You can then share posts, comment, react, and receive notifications directly on your smartphone. Please note that you need a Bildly account prior to using the app.

Channels & Users

You can have as many channels as you need for efficient organization and management of your project.

You can easily invite new channel participants by email. By entering their email address, Bildly will automatically send a notification with a platform invitation.

Yes, inviting new parties is very easy – you just need to enter their email.

Each channel has a news feed that consolidates all updates and project news in one place.

Channels are substructures within projects that consolidate tools, team members, and information around a specific topic or work segment. Channels help create an organized and focused work environment where team members can communicate and collaborate.

There are three main user roles on the Bildly platform: administrator, worker, and observer. Administrators can manage everything within a channel, workers can upload posts, data, and files, and observers can monitor channel activity.
Additionally, the account owner can assign project managers or super-admins to projects.

General info

Bildly is a SaaS software designed for the construction industry with the aim of improving project communication, reducing errors, safety risks, and streamlining work on the construction site.

To get started, create a company account on the Bildly website, then add administrators and create new projects. You can create channels for projects and add users to them. For the full experience, we recommend downloading our Bildly Hub app right away.

The Bildly Freemium package allows you to use our platform for free, but with some limitations. The Freemium package includes 3 GB of data storage, allows for the creation of 1 project, but still enables you to add an unlimited number of users and channels. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with Bildly’s core features without commitment before deciding to upgrade to the full version.


No, all pricing is based on our price list, and there are no additional costs during the project.

Yes, by choosing an annual package, you save the cost of two months’ worth of projects.

Yes, in Bildly you can adjust your package according to your needs. The change will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle.

Yes, Bildly offers a free trial period with full functionality for new users. During this time, you can test our software and ensure it meets your needs. The length and terms of the trial period may vary, please check our website or contact customer support for details.


Bildly allows you to upload, share, and sign documents directly within channels. You have the option to create and use customized forms, which help you easily manage your documentation.

Bildly supports various popular file types, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, and DWG, allowing you to work with different types of documents.

On the Bildly platform, you can create and manage a work calendar, generate and assign work tasks, and create reminders for jobs and projects. Additionally, you can create channel-specific calendars that are consolidated into a company-wide calendar.